Waterford Construction | Waterford Construction Commercial Developer Tampa, Orlando
Tampa Bay and Orlando based commercial development company Waterford Construction designs offices with a neighborhood appearance in business park settings.
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About Waterford

About Us

The Waterford Concept

At Waterford Construction & Development, we understand the importance of an office space being both functional and attractive. Our office buildings in Tampa Bay and Orlando are designed with a soft commercial feel, giving the appearance of a residential neighborhood but in a business park setting.


Our customers are individuals who own their own businesses and would like to own their building as well, without the expense, time and effort of acquiring the land, handling the site engineering and dealing with the various governmental agencies. Waterford takes the guesswork out of it and developed a one-stop shop for office space development.


With our array of interior space planning and design options, we will customize your space to have the look and feel specific to you and your clients’ tastes.

From the President


Thank you for your interest in Waterford Construction & Development. I am John Westfall, President, and I have been in the real estate and development business for over 40 years. As a pioneer of the concept of individually-owned custom offices in a Professional Park setting in the Tampa Bay and Orlando markets, I understand how important it is for a business owner to have an aesthetically-pleasing office in the right location, in addition to building equity for the future.


What sets us apart from our competitors is the strong emphasis we put on the service that takes place after the sale. We believe in this so much that Waterford’s property management company manages our parks even after the development has been completed. This ongoing relationship after the sale reinforces my belief in building a quality product with every customer that builds with us.


In addition to my personal commitment, you will be assisted at every step in the process by a staff of professional Waterford associates and employees as well as contractors that I have hand-picked because of their commitment to quality – many of whom have been doing business with Waterford for over 25 years.


Building an office doesn’t have to be a trying experience. With Waterford’s personal and professional attention every step of the way, we can provide you with a beautifully-crafted office that’s a perfect fit for your business and a solid investment in your future.