Waterford Construction | Waterford FAQs
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Waterford FAQs

Waterford Advantage

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get more information about a Waterford Professional Park?
We will be happy to contact you and provide information about the location that interests you. Click here to make an appointment to meet for a full presentation of the details.


How many professional parks has Waterford built?
Since the 1980’s, we have completed more than 50 Parks and are currently developing and building new Parks each year.


Are there any buildings available now?
Yes, there are available buildings in many of our Parks. Click here to see available buildings and sites.


How long does the building process take?
To design, engineer, permit and construct a typical building takes approximately 12 months. You may save time by selecting one of our many general office layouts or interior design packages.


Can you finish the interior to my office specification?
Yes, we build to your specific needs. Our in-house design team will work with you to maximize the functionality of your new office and ensure its appearance is reflective of your business message and design aesthetic.


Do you have any decorator services?
Yes, Waterford Construction & Development includes a meeting with a professional designer in every sale. The designer will work with you on selecting the colors and products that will enhance your work place and still fit your budget.


Does Waterford have financing available?
While Waterford does not finance the buildings, we have built relationships with several local lenders who offer excellent terms. On request, we will provide a list of lenders that give our customers excellent service and competitive terms.


Are there restrictions on the types of businesses allowed in the parks?
There are some restrictions based on zoning and compatibility.


Do you lease buildings?
We can assist in connecting you with building owners with available offices in our Parks.


Do you have a lease-to-own program?
If you are not ready to purchase at this time, we have a lease with the option to purchase program. Contact us for availability.


Can I tour some parks and offices?
The Waterford Map will give you the general location of our existing Professional Office Parks. Contact us to make an appointment to tour available lots in our Parks.