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Choose Waterford Construction & Development for an office built to your specific needs in a Tampa or Orlando professional park with unparalleled craftsmanship.
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Waterford Advantage

Waterford Advantage

The Waterford Concept

Quality Design & Craftsmanship


Waterford Construction & Development builds high-end professional parks with individually-owned buildings of unparalleled craftsmanship. In strong contrast to an office condo or leasing office space, you get a turnkey office built to your specific needs with parking right at the door and your sign on the building.


Waterford’s Design Team will help you plan the interior layout customized to your specific needs and tastes, taking care of all the details so you can focus on running your business.

The Waterford Warranty


The Waterford Warranty Team is dedicated to ensuring your 100% satisfaction. As the project nears completion, we will meet with you on-site and together we review all aspects of the building before you move in.


Once construction is finalized, a Customer Book is provided to you, which includes the certificate of occupancy, design specifications, warranties, the final building survey, and other pertinent information regarding the Professional Park’s Association.


With over 35 years of successful construction experience in Tampa Bay and Orlando, we know that attention to detail and listening to our customers throughout the entire process is paramount in delivering a successful product. Your satisfaction is our most valuable asset.

Financial Benefits

Owning a professional office may be the smartest investment you make for your business. As an individual office-building owner, you will enjoy the tax benefits of deducting interest payments and depreciation, along with building equity in an asset that increases in value over time. Owning your office space enables you to control your expenses through a fixed mortgage payment. And when you design and build your office with Waterford Construction & Development, you can control the office environment by customizing climate control systems, flow, design and finishes.

Site Amenities

Our Tampa Bay and Orlando sites are selected for their natural beauty and proximity to you and your customers. Waterford Construction & Development believes in having beautiful landscaping and well-maintained buildings and common areas. We can ensure this since most of our Parks are managed in-house by our dedicated Waterford Properties management team.

The Waterford Process

Financing your building doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process. Our reputation within the industry has given us access to lenders that are familiar with the quality construction and return on investment of an office building in a Waterford Professional Park. Thanks to these relationships, you will have direct access to our contacts within the banking industry, which shortens the financing process and reduces costs.